FFF-186       Natura 2000 - Marguareis - Ubac de Tendre à Saorge

The 22nd September 2012 in the afternoon I have transmitted for FFF-186 with the callsign F/I1UWF ; it was my third activity from a French Park.

The Park is located in the Roya valley , it is very wide and lies up the French /Italian border at a height of 1700m . It can be reached by car ,coming from France or Italy ,using old military roads.

The region has plenty of history coming from Napoleon time up to the II world war .

It can be seen an outstanding panorama on French and Italian mountains and on nice forests.

I worked for almost two and half hours making 171 qso in 20m with OM located from Canada up to eastern Siberia and 69 in 40m with European OM .

The radio was IC-7000 plus tuner , car battery and the antenna is a home made vertical for 20 and 40m

that I normally utilize for portable operations (DCI,IFFA etc ) .

You can find some picture about the place and equipment.

Many thanks to the Comitè for the support , I hope to be able to work in so good conditions from an other French Parc. 73 de Gianni I1uwf