FFF-188    Natura 2000 - Vallée du Carai - Collines de Castillon

the 4th May 2013 ,together with Gianni I1YHU, we have transmitted for the French park with the call F/I1UWF.

This park is located few km from Menton (06) in the Sospel direction . We have had some problems to reach it due to the closure of the national road; but at the end we have found the right place well inside of the park. Unfortunately there are not specific sign to indicate it.

In this area population is quite low and the nature growth free. We began transmissions in 40m,early in the afternoon, working Italians, French , German OMs , then we moved to 20m where we enlarged  our range  but we found a very poor propagation. At the end of the day we have collected 106 qsos in almost two hours time. Mild weather and right place allowed us a relaxing afternoon . We have to thanks everybody  for the right ham spirit  making qso with us

See you from the next park

73 de Gianni I1UWF